The side sleepers face a problem of the shoulder and hip pain mostly. These sleepers require relief at the shoulder and hips. It means they need softer mattresses that quickly get contour to the outline of the body. Side sleepers mostly exert pressure at joints. If you are a side sleeper and suffer shoulder pain, try to change your sleeping position. Try to sleep on your back, or if you are not comfortable modifying your sleeping position entirely, you can place another pillow at your side and stretch out your arm on it as you are almost hugging another person. People suffering from hip pain can place a pillow between their legs in a side sleeping position. Newsweek provides you the best alternatives for all your miseries.

     Types of Perfect Mattresses For Side Sleepers:

 _Advanced Mattresses:

            Advance technology mattresses contain a durable and soft gel that fits according to the individual body. These cushions help you retain natural spine curvature, and the topmost gel-infused foam layer helps in temperature regulation.

_Latex Mattresses:

       These are great for side sleepers. These mattresses provide the best support and are known for durability and prolonged activity. These mattresses relieve pressure points for comfort. These mattresses are best for side sleeper because these relieve pain at shoulder and hip.

_Memory Foam Mattresses:

         The mechanism of memory foam mattresses is that these molds according to the heat and pressure applied, so they evenly distribute the whole weight. These pallets get back into their original position on the application of force. The emitted heat from your body gets into memory cushions at inappropriate points, so such pillows automatically and accurately respond to the curve of your body.

_Actigel Mattresses:

               Such mattresses have open breathable cell type structures, so overall airflow is best in these mattresses, regulating body temperature and providing a perfectly comfortable night. In these mattresses, hypoallergenic materials are used, which prevents the growth of bacteria and other toxic microorganisms.

Such beds immediately provide the targeted support to an individual’s body.

_Combination Mattresses:

          Combination or hybrid mattresses are perfect as they combine memory foam and innerspring mattresses, which offers you the best choice. They’re also instantly contours to your body better in comparison to innerspring mattresses. These mattresses can be structurally weak due to the presence of several materials used.


            Hybrid and innerspring mattresses both have the same internal structure but vary in the number of layers. Hybrids have more thick layers, so they are more body confirming, while the thin layers of innerspring mattresses feel to be much more compact. Innerspring mattresses are best out of all beds due to the best airflow through open structures and temperature regulation. In contrast, memory foam mattresses are not suitable for hot side sleepers because they trap the body’s heat.

      Compared with memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses are not much in use because they offer a lot more bounce and disturbance. Memory foam mattresses respond to the curves of your body, but latex mattresses, instead of outlining one’s body, react to the body’s general impressions.