Are you planning to buy a new mattress?  Start with reading the frequently asked questions, even if they are not your questions.

Memory foam

Starting off with the memory foam. It is all foam mattress. That is why many people consider it a squishy mattress, but for most people, it is the ideal foam. Those who want to change the type of mattress should first understand all the features and qualities of a memory foam mattress.  You can learn more about the mattresses and sleeping accessories at Newsweeks.

·        What does density mean for a memory foam mattress?

The density of memory foam mattresses varies from 2 to 5. The higher the density of memory foam, the slower the response time will be. It will be difficult to move on a mattress with a density of 5 or more.

Technically the density of memory foam means the weight of the mattress per square feet. If you do not want to sleep on hotter mattresses, they must consider the memory foam with lower densities. The lower density memory foams allow more airflow. 

·        Why does the memory foam have gel?

One major downside of memory foam mattresses is the amount of heat retention. In summers, memory foams can be really disturbing. Some companies have liquid infused memory foams. These foams are designed to control the temperature.

The heating time of the gel-infused memory foam can stay cooler throughout the night. But at the beginning of the day, they will also become hotter. Making it difficult to sleep.

·        Is memory foam safe?

A few years ago, memory foam mattresses were considered unsafe as they constituted a lot of chemicals. Now many companies have improvised. They have fewer inflammable chemicals. Before purchasing one, it is better to consider consumer safety.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are all organic mattresses. These are made up of the sap of rubber plants; sometimes, they also contain processed cotton and wool. These mattresses are a lot different than the memory foams and other competitors. Above all, these mattresses are slightly expensive because of its special manufacturing techniques. 

·        Are latex mattresses all-natural? 

Not every time. There are two categories of latex mattresses. The first one is the synthetic chemicals that mimic the qualities of the latex foam. Second is the mixed mattress; it contains both latex and synthetic foam. 

·        What is the difference between Dunlop and Talalay processing?

The Dunlop processing of the sap requires little chemicals. It is thus considered as the pure method to make the latex foam. On the other hand, Talalay processing involves more chemicals. That is why those who do not want to buy a synthetic mattress they should consider Dunlop processing.

·        What is the difference between latex and memory foam?

Latex and memory foam mattresses are both suitable mattresses. The memory foam provides more support and contours according to your body shape. However, latex foam is the one with more pressure relief.


To buy an ideal mattress, it is essential to first learn about the qualities of each mattress. Both latex and memory foam are common mattress types available in a mattress. Answers to all the frequently asked questions can help you find the most suitable for you.